6 French Healthy French Eating Habits

One of the main reasons why people travel is to dine in local traditional foods.

The eating habits of people differ depending on the country all the environments they are in. For instance, For instance in Japan the 80% eating rule where you should eat until you are 80% full. Quite interesting isn’t it?

France too has its eating habits that people have practised for centuries and it may inspire you to leave her healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s have a look;

1. Eating fresh farm produce

It is very common in France not just in the countryside but also in big cities for people to eat freshly grown Farm produce.

Eating such types of foods means they’re healthier and test better compared to stored foods. The more flavorful and nutritious.

We all have to agree that France just like many other Western countries has a busy lifestyle and a majority of the people in the cities do not get fresh Farm produce.

However, to conquer this, some companies in France have online stores where they can deliver fresh farm produce.

With so many food companies in France, it may be hectic to find one that you can trust that is why I recommend reading reviews from websites like Amon Avis where people who’ve used similar services leave their opinions and complaints to help other customers make the right choice.

If these types of services interest you may read some reviews about Pour de Bon one such company that specialises in selling freshly produced groceries among other food.

2. Portion control 

If there’s one thing I don’t like to be told how to eat, is my croissants, let alone how many I should have. Nonetheless when you go to Rome do as the Romans do!

The French people do not indulge in heavy quantities of food. An average serving can be about 277 grams. 

This is less than what many people take. This makes the perfect dietary practice for anyone who wants to lose weight or reduce the amount of food they take.

Practising portion control helps the body to stay energized throughout the day as well as make it easier for the food to be digested.

Now you know the secret to why French women are so slim.

3. Eating at the same time 

Deciding to live in France will teach you what it truly means to share a meal. Friends and family gather around during breakfast lunch or dinner to share and dine together.

Unlike many countries,  people in France eat their dinner much later in the evening at around 8 p.m. or as late as 9 p.m. Breakfast is taken around 7 a.m. every day.

Scientifically, eating at the same time every day does help your body to maintain consistency which is much needed for a good daily performance.

4. Balanced diets 

You have probably heard this so many times, the key to healthy living is indulging in a balanced diet on every meal. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For a majority of the people in France, eating a balanced diet is part of their norm. For instance, one typical French lunch is; vegetables, pasta or meat, and some bread.

For a balanced breakfast, it is common to find people taking pastries, fruit or juice, and French omelette.

5. Cooking rather than eating out 

Compared to the United States, France has underperformed in the fast-food industry, which is a good thing.

Many people typically make their own meal at home rather than spend money on a fast-food restaurant.

The main benefit of home-cooked meals is that they’re much healthier and there’s a variety of options to choose from.

People especially in the countryside of France dine in fresh Farm produce and even homemade cheese which is a healthy and sustainable option.

6. Reduced snacking 

If there’s one thing that may surprise you is that French people rarely take mid-day or midnight snacks.

The major effect of snacking every other time is the increase in calorie intake. Taking too many calories contributes to gaining weight. The trick is to reduce snacking.

Of course, it is impossible to say that every French person does not a snack but a majority of the population do not.

Finally,  what I love most about these eating habits is that it is a natural way to achieve one’s fitness goals without having to feel like they are on a strict dietary plan.

Try to incorporate some of these habits and you will improve your health.

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