Boxing Fitness Secrets For Beginners

The perfect fitness program for some people is a constant jog on a treadmill every day and no worries about leaving the house. The treadmill part will be easier for most than exercising from the comfort of their own homes.

Developing a beautiful physique, strength increases, a lean body, endurance, and feeling great about yourself are real challenges for most people. There is one type of fitness that will deliver long-term returns and give you the results you want in reasonable time… And build tremendous confidence because you’re learning a skill – boxing… Which is essential for self defense (just in case you’ll ever need it). It just happens to be the least understood type of fitness training, maybe the most misunderstood is a better way to describe it, and is avoided for that reason by many treadmill and weightlifting junkies.

Most people understand boxing fitness as simply a punching bag workout and that’s it. So today, I’m going to share 5 boxing fitness secrets to get you on the path to lightening fast physique changes asap.

  1. Preparation The first tip is to prepare your body so changes in physique come quickly. “Caveman” training is the best for this (no weights). Keep this secret to yourself. A boxing fitness exercise workout demands endurance. So start week 1 with a 30 minute jog, 3 sets of 18 push-ups, and 3 sets of 50 sit-ups. If you can’t do this after 1 week, keep training until you can.
  2. Flexibility Because boxing fitness involves full-body exercises and workouts, it’s essential to have good flexibility. Stretching has been shown to increase strength levels as well. As a beginner, do 7 minutes of stretches in week 1 before your jog-pushup-situp routine.
  3. The champion’s favorite The jump rope is a full-body workout that focuses on endurance, muscle toning and concentration which is great for the mind. But did you know that champions like Muhammad Ali and a lot of mixed martial artist fighters use the jump rope regularly?. That’s while the losers are going to bed at night happy with their biceps and tricep weightlifting routine. Sounds crazy, right? Try this one for size. In week 2, use the jump rope Monday to Saturday for 15 minutes. Your body will be ready to take in a stream of strength and conditioning boosters.
  4. Level II Caveman Training Take your caveman training to the next level. Week 3 should focus strictly on this. It’s a muscle toning and conditioning secret of MMA fighters in the UFC… And boxing fitness prides itself on a lot of caveman training techniques. So take to the floor and do sit-ups: 4 sets of 10 reps. Now do a tri-set of 25 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, and 10 tricep dips. Take a 1-1.5 minute break between sets. Aim for 3-5 sets. I suggest 5 sets with a 1.5-2 minute break between this triset. Work towards this until you get it… 10 pull-ups is no easy feat.
  5. Now for the killer… Boxing fitness will burn your muscles after shadow boxing. Sounds easy right? Shadow boxing is really tough… But it’ll make you sweat, increase your endurance, upper-body & core strength, plus teach you a new skill. Physique changes are going to happen super-fast. Harvard’s done the study. It’s on the Internet. Interval training gets real results. The track record has only gotten better with MMA exercises making their way to boxing. In fact, MMA & boxing athletes are among the strongest and most conditioned athletes in the world. Boxing fitness exactly as advertised. Is it worth the trouble to learn more about boxing fitness? Even if you’re a fitness model, or ever plan to be one, it may be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Do the math. Read about weight loss results from boxing fitness. There is a solid alternative to working out at the gym… And it takes only a little effort to master it. Boxing fitness, the new muscle building, toning, and weight loss method.
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