Finns Love Sports: These are the most popular sports in Finland right now

The Finns are sports-lovers. With more than 6 months of winter per year, being able to spend time outdoors for health and fitness is to be celebrated.

They consider sports to be their national pastime, actually. So, which sports are the most popular in Finland right now? You’ll be surprised and impressed at the same time with the sports they participate in, spectate, and enjoy.

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If you live outside of Finland, Sweden and Denmark, it is highly likely that you’ve never heard of pesappallo. This is the national sport of Finland. It is a Finnish-style of American baseball, with rules similar to that of rounders.

The most-watched sports on TV are ice hockey (and Finland are one of the best international teams), Formula 1 (and rally racing), and harness racing (with horses).

What are the most popular sports to take part in, in Finland? You’ll find professional leagues, clubs, teams, and even hobby teams and corporate clubs and office teams for just about every sporting code in Finland. We weren’t joking when we said that Finland is a nation of sports lovers.

Fitness and health are incredibly important to Finns. They regarded fitness and health activities as relaxing and they take particular pride in their work-life balances that include dedicated time for their health and fitness pastimes. Read up about where you can improve your health and fitness in Finland at a company like Fitnesstukku.

Floorball is the second most popular sport to play in Finland. It is similar to field hockey but is played indoors on rinks (with no ice) similar to ice hockey. It is a fast-paced, skilful game to play and it attracts men and women from just about every age and fitness level.

We all know that ice hockey is a highly physical sport, with huge smashes, contacts, and plenty of injuries. Bandy and ringette are the lesser contact forms of ice hockey. They are similar to ice hockey in their rules and structure but have nearly no physical contact permitted between players. Ringette is mostly played by young kids to teach them ball skills, develop their hand-eye coordination, and is regarded as a stepping stone to ice hockey and pesappallo when they’re in their teens.

Football is a worldwide phenomenon in terms of participation and in Finland it is no different. Finns love the “magic game” and have a strong professional league.

Athletics is a popular sport for school-aged children and university-aged students. In fact, Finland has a proud history of Olympic sporting heroes.

Disc golf is a fairly new sport in Finland and it is the fastest-growing sport in Scandinavia with Finns the most participatory of nations. This is played in public parks, sports grounds, ski resorts, camping areas, and even designed disc golf venues. Similar to golf, but with frisbees, this is a fantastic sport for families.

Sport shooting, skiing/skating, and motorsport are also popular in Finland. These sports are year-round activities that draw many fans and families.

Let’s not forget about running and walking. Even during winter, there are marathons and 10K events held every weekend across this country.

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