How Sports Can Relieve Stress

Everyone has some recollection of the middle school and high school years. All of the changes in your body, as well as in your mental state begin to change dramatically. For several, this isn’t a pleasant experience and can lead to problems such as stress, and even more severe problems of depression. Making sure that youth stay active and are able to maintain the changes that their body is making may help them to have a more pleasant experience during these years.

If you are looking for ways to help your youth relieve some of the extra stress that they are gaining, you don’t need to look any further than youth sports and activities. If you see that your youth is stressed over the changes that they are going through, including things such as school work, social life, etc. then encouraging them to join a sport will help to relieve this problem.

Physical activity for youth doesn’t just begin to help them adjust to the changes in their body. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise will help to switch on particular hormones and chemicals in the brain that allow for one to relax. As soon as your body begins to move, the chemicals have to readjust in order to keep the circulation in your body at its best. The more you move, the more your body will be required to continue to balance out your body.

One of the main ways that this happens is by the production of endorphins into the system. Endorphins are proteins that are located in the brain and sent out to the body. They are especially activated if the body is telling the brain that it is in a painful situation. The endorphins will react by relieving the pain. If your youth is exercising for at least twenty minutes a day, the endorphins will continue to be sent from their brain, allowing them to stay relaxed and stress free.

If you want to make sure that your youth enjoys their time of being young, then you can help them out by suggesting a physical activity like a sport. This will help them to relieve their stress, stay calm, and balance out some of the chemicals that are moving throughout their brain and body. By using a physical activity, you can be certain to give the youth an alternative to stress.

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Fit Fem Flash Cardio Fat Burn Blast

The rebirth of cardio. The 80s were an infamous time period for the fitness industry. Leg warmers, terry cloth head bands, neon colored spandex, bottom fringed ink shirts, thong leotards, big fun sprayed to death hairor about the musicOlivia Newton Johns Lets Get Physical and Flashdances Shes a Maniacor the cardio aerobics movesthe grapevine, step touch, the pony.even dudes were into it yes they wore thing spandex too, hmm?!?

Think back to all the people who used to work out back then. They were long, lean, and thin. Why? Its no surprise that if you are interested in dramatically losing weight and burning that fat of your body, you NEED cardio as part of your fitness routine. Its also no surprise here that yours truly is a super cardio junkie. I am one of those ladies who loves to sweatand I dont give a rats ass if my hair gets ruined or if my makeup gets smudged (who the hells wears makeup to work out anyway?) Lets just say I mean business when it comes to intense fitness. Go fast, go hard or go home!

Here are some hard cold truths:
You need to do at least 5-6 cardio workouts a week
Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of mixed cardio and strength training fitness regimens. For the fat to melt, you need to burn off those calories.

You need to make a severe change when it comes to your weight loss fitness plan. Even if it means you are de-conditioned and you start at a slower pace, its better than nothing. And as you become more conditioned, learn to challenge your body by intensifying the workout. Dont just think by doing the same ol snail pace walk on a treadmill youll slim down your waist line and get into those itty bitty bikinis. So pick up that pace Fit Femrs; go faster, go harder. Just like theres no crying in baseball, theres no crying in fitness. Get your rump off the couch and get movin with this under 5 minute cardio routine you can couple with other Fit Fem Flash routines I have on my site. This workout routine will no doubt get your heart pumping, allowing you to burn some initial fat and improve your fitness.

This workout program is group of several cardio exercises that are known to not only make you sweat a lot, but also shed your pounds and eventually boost your metabolism to reach your fitness goals. Metabolism is really important if you want to lose weight. This is because a higher metabolism is associated with larger regular losses of calories, and, therefore, fats. This is what the cardio fat burn blast workout offers so dont miss out. If you are not used to exercise at all, well, sorry to tell you that you might start feeling the aches and pains of having to do this cardio workout. Yes, it is painful, but very fulfilling at the end. And dont worry, youll body will get used to it and will be so grateful as you start seeing your slim down results! Get your heart rate up and start burning fat baby! Perform each of these for 60 seconds at a time with 10 second rest in between for 1 round only. And if youve got the time, add a few more rounds!! Why not?

Cross Country Skiers: start by standing with legs staggered (one leg in front and the other in back, a few feet in between each other). Quickly shift your feet and your arms (in opposing directions) in a continuous manner keeping your abdominals tight the entire time.

Hopscotch Drill: start by standing with your feet a shoulder width apart. Hop one foot forward and then landing on both feet back. Continue to hop forward on the opposite leg and then landing back on both feet. Continue this repeating pattern.

Repeater Knee Lifts: stand up straight and lift one knee up to chest height. Quickly tap that lifting leg back to the floor at a slight angle behind you and quickly pick that leg up again allowing the knee to come up to chest height.

Use your arms to add more intensity by bringing them up and down in opposite movement of the knee. So as your knee comes up, your arms come down. If you want to feel a more quadriceps burn, the standing leg will have a slight bend to the knee. The lower the lunge, the more intense the exercise becomes. Repeat for 60 seconds then switch to the other leg.

Perform this with total control. Doing these simple yet highly effective exercises regularly, you will be in the perfect shape with peak fitness in no time. Dont you think its to burn that fat Fit Femrs?? Do it up Richard Simmons style!

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Choosing Quality Fitness Equipment

Whether youre starting a commercial fitness center or setting up a home gym, equipment selection is one of the most critical decisions youll need to make. Choosing the right fitness equipment can make the difference between a fitness offerings success and failure.

The commercial success of a fitness center depends on the kind and quality of equipment housed in it. You may enjoy an enviable customer base, but youll have trouble retaining them if your fitness equipment undergoes frequent breakdowns or worse, poses safety hazards for your patrons.

The same holds true for a home gym. Encountering broken machines is not just a frustrating experience, but can also be a huge de-motivating factor and get in the way of your fitness regimen.

Choosing quality fitness products can go a long way in minimizing downtime of your fitness facility and earning customer loyalty. In case of home gyms, superior quality fitness equipment ensures you can continue on the path of fitness with minimal interruptions.

Now that we know the importance of quality fitness products, the question is how do we go about choosing fitness equipment that meets our expectation? Well, here are some tips on how to choose fitness equipment.

The first thing you as a gym owner have to do is evaluate your needs. When buying fitness equipment, you need to factor in your personal or your clienteles fitness goals, available space, and your budget.

Analyze the fitness patterns and demographic profile of your customers before purchasing any fitness products. For example, if you expect a majority of your clientele to comprise women or middle aged folk, then you may want to focus on cardio equipment. However, if you anticipate your facility being frequented by a lot of bodybuilders, then its a good idea to equip your facility with more of weight and strength training machines.

Home gym owners need to assess their own fitness goals and purchase equipment accordingly. If the purpose of setting up a gym is weight loss, then cardio equipment such as treadmills or elliptical trainers might be the appropriate choice. But if your aim is to build muscle, then you should go for strength training equipment such as dumbbells or bench press.

The other important factor in choosing fitness equipment is to figure out how many pieces you can accommodate in the space available to you. At this stage, you might want to create a layout of your gym so you can visualize what goes where and how many pieces of equipment you need to buy.

Creating a layout is more important in the case of commercial fitness centers as opposed to home gyms for the simple reason that a lot more is at stake for businesses and they cannot afford to go wrong.

Thats why its vital that commercial gym owners get a professional fitness solutions provider involved from the very beginning to plan, design, and develop their facility. A fitness solutions company will have at its wherewithal the access to most advanced technology for creating a near perfect layout for a fitness center.

This doesnt mean that home gym owners can go about choosing fitness equipment randomly. They need to figure out exactly how much space they have in their homes to devote to a personal gym before they make any purchases.

The third most critical factor when it comes to choosing fitness equipment is your budget. Your budget will decide the quality of your equipment. A quick rule of thumb is to buy the best equipment that fits in your financial plan.

Needless to say, businesses need to buy equipment thats of commercial grade. The equipment should not only be able to handle massive use and abuse, but should also be robust in terms of features so your customers are drawn towards trying them. Home gym owners, on the other hand, should look at buying the sturdiest and most space friendly options that they can afford.

A final word here you may have built yourself a state of the art gym that your rivals envy and your friends cant wait to check out. But all of it will come to naught if you dont take adequate care of it. Regular maintenance and frequent servicing is oxygen for your fitness equipment. By providing ongoing care to your fitness products, you can add years to their life while making sure they retain their freshness and appeal at all times!

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Facts About Sport Psychology

If you’re just hearing the term “sport psychology,” you may have many questions about what it is and how it can help you. Getting accurate information about sport psychology to help you better understand what sport psychologists do and what roles they have in athletics. These facts about sport psychology will give you a good understanding of basic information related to the field.

What is sport psychology?

Sport psychology is a field that involves the observation of behavior and how it affects sports performance. When a sport psychologist is working with an athlete, the athlete’s behaviors are observed and the sport psychology professional determines how those behaviors are impacting sports performance. Sport psychologists also work to determine how participation in sports affects the physical and emotional health of athletes. Achieving these basic objectives can help sport psychologists to form individual action plans for each of their clients.

How can a sport psychologist help athletes?

There are many ways in which a sport psychologist can help athletes.

Goal setting: Sport psychologists can work with athletes and help them to set small, attainable goals. Achieving these goals will help athletes to stay motivated and can also help with the achievement of larger goals.
Improving focus: Athletes can become distracted by many different things including spectators or the pressure to succeed. This loss of focus can impede their performance and make it difficult to win. Sport psychologists can help athletes to learn the skill of focusing and maintaining focus throughout competitions.
Dealing with pressure: Many athletes face intense pressure to perform well and carry their teams to victory. Dealing with this pressure can lead to a lot of stress, which can actually distract athletes from performing. Sport psychologists can help athletes learn to cope with pressure and use it as a positive motivator instead of a stressor.

Where do sport psychologists work?

Sport psychologists can work in many different settings and with a wide variety of people. Consultants can work with athletic teams or individual athletes so that performance is improved. Fitness clubs or the creators of fitness programs may hire sport psychologists to review their programs and make any needed changes. For example, someone creating a fitness program may need the input of a sport psychologist to be sure that the program is motivating enough for participants. Sport psychologists can also work as teachers or researchers. Sport psychology teachers may teach college courses or supervise students who want to learn this discipline. Researchers may work with specific groups of athletes to determine how their behavior affects sports performance or how sports affect children. This research can be used to develop sports programs and help athletes improve their performance.

Sport psychology is a valuable field of study that can impact the lives of many athletes. With the right sport psychologist, you can work on removing obstacles to success and improving focus and determination. This can help you become more successful on and off the playing field.

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College Fantasy Sports Revolution

Just whenever you may have believed fantasy sports reached a point of more than saturation, a new frontier is upon us. With hundreds of teams in every from the major college sports, fantasy competition is rising to a entire new level using the inclusion of college football and college basketball. This truly is no surprise given the recognition of these college sports and also the recognition of fantasy contests in general. It is development has also been aided by the demand created by every day fantasy sports web sites exactly where one can compete for money. Fantasy sports contests for cash prizes are legal in most US States and on a federal level. At a Federal level fantasy sports is defined and exempted by the Unlawful Web Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) because it’s regarded as a game of skill as opposed to chance.

These days numerous sports fanatics participate in fantasy contests from their computer systems at house and at function. Due to advancements in mobile technologies and user friendliness, participants are now capable of entering contests, editing lineups and tracking player performances from their mobile device also. All this adds up to a larger marketplace that also has higher access to on-line sports contests amongst buddies or strangers. College football and basketball is essentially going to fill this void created by the growing and currently large demand. 1 can then expect for media and advertising corporations to make use of this opportunity as an advertisement medium which should assist compound the popularity of college fantasy sports. This translates into billions of dollars worth in revenue and will revolutionize the way sports are viewed.

When fantasy sports initial became well-liked on a mainstream level, it changed the way games were televised. Now each televised game which has fantasy implications displays graphics with player stats during the game. Player statistics from other games are also shown – usually on a scroll at the bottom from the television screen. This may also be done for college football and college basketball games that are televised. As you might know, the NCAA has strict regulations for college sports programs and their athletes with regards to compensation for overall performance. It will likely be interesting to determine when the NCAA will revise these restrictions as a result of the increase in recognition. All the major every day fantasy websites have recently begun supplying college football and college basketball contests. Consequently it’s nonetheless in the early stages.

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Mental Benefits Of Jogging

Most people are aware that jogging is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise with many physical benefits. It can strengthen your heart, improve your overall endurance, lower your blood pressure and more. However, fewer people are aware that it has mental benefits too. In this article I will be outlining how jogging can benefit you mentally in greater detail.

1) IT CAN RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE:- Jogging can raise your confidence in multiple ways. It allows you to overcome mental obstacles by jogging faster or longer. Jogging also allows you to overcome physical obstacles as you blast up hills and negotiate increasingly tough terrain. Beating these obstacles gives you greater confidence and belief in your ability to successfully overcome future challenges in your life. Jogging also improves your physical appearance by stripping away body fat and improving your muscle tone which can make you more confident with the way you look.

2) IT CAN HELP YOU MANAGE ANGER:- Everyone experiences anger at some point in their lives. There is nothing wrong with feeling this emotion but there are good and bad ways to deal with it. Some of the bad ways to deal with anger are lashing out at others or engaging in destructive behaviour. One of the good ways to deal with anger is exercise because it allows you to physically release the emotion without harming yourself or other people. Jogging is an especially good exercise for releasing anger as it not only gives you a physical release but also you some alone time to deal with the anger mentally.

3) IT CAN BOOST YOUR MOOD:- Jogging is often associated with a state called the “runner’s high”. It describes a feeling of euphoria that many people experience during long distance jogs or runs. The “runner’s high” is caused by hormones called endorphins being released and attaching themselves to the parts of the brain responsible for emotion which leads to a temporary boost in mood. Jogging can also indirectly boosts your mood by helping you sleep better. On top of this the increased confidence and reduced anger levels associated with this exercise can help improve your mood.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of how jogging can benefit you mentally. Whilst the physical benefits of jogging are highly important you should not overlook the mental benefits. With today’s lifestyles often proving very stressful jogging can provide you with the perfect mental boost.

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Attain The Highest Fitness Level With Fitness 4×4

Fitness This is one thing that is tough to attain and even tougher to maintain! Have you ever thought why you lose your chiseled body after having attained it with months of workout? Why do aerobic sessions fail to maintain your six-pack ab or why on earth did you go for the fitness program that never really was made for you? These questions are sure to bog you down but there is one thing that we all tend to miss out fitness is about a holistic workout program and not aerobics that work on only one muscle group. If you want to remain fit, you would have to choose a fitness program that provides complete workout to your body and that means all the muscle groups.

Workout of the lower body muscles is a common practice to improve the cardiovascular fitness of the body. These workouts primarily concentrate on the lower body muscles, especially the legs. So what about the upper body muscles? Workout of the lower body muscles keeps the lower body fit but with no workout for the upper body muscles, the muscles tend to become flaccid and lose their shape soon. This is a common problem that most of the people face with their workout programs. There is one definite solution to this perpetual problem and that is to opt for a workout program that works on both the lower as well as the upper body muscles. Fitness 4X4 is the answer to the search for a holistic workout program!

Dragan Radovic, is a renowned fitness trainer and the developer of the fitness 4X4 training program. He has been a fitness trainer for over 3 decades and has studied the efficiency of various fitness programs only to find that none really provided optimum workout to all muscle groups of the body. This revelation egged Dragan to develop a workout program that not only worked for the lower body muscles but also the upper body muscles. Fitness 4X4 has derived its name from cars that are now powered with the 4X4 wheel drive system. Similarly, the fitness 4X4 training programs renders complete workout to the body muscles resulting into unmatchable vitality and fitness.

This fitness training program has been especially designed to make optimum use of the heart as well as lungs in providing good workout to the upper body. The 4X4 system allows the legs as well as the arms are provided power by the lungs and the heart. Thus, one would have to spend minimum time for their workouts while deriving the maximum out of every session. Some of the most vital fitness training modules embedded in the fitness 4X4 program are Vertical Training, The Hour of Power Workout, Draganwalk, and Endurance Lifting. All these ensure that the individual muscle groups present in the upper as well as the lower body are provided with the optimum training to render vitality and fitness to the body.

This training program has become very popular and is being taught in many countries. Most of the fitness trainers prefer to stick to Dragans 4X4 training program because they appreciate and approve his years of research. You too can gain lifetime fitness with the help of this simple yet effective fitness training program. Just go for it!

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Body Post For Your Fitness Needs

Are you gym addict? May be, but do you exercise? The answer from 85% of the people will be yes. Apart from 15% of the people who are bed ridden, too old or just lazy who do not exercise, 85% of the people do exercise. Not regularly, mind you, but still, 85% of the people exercise at least thrice a week.

Are you one of the 85% populations who exercise? If yes, Body Post is there to help you. Since you exercise, you need fitness clothing. Body Post has fitness clothing for everyone. It has mens fitness clothing, womens fitness wear, mens fitness wear, yoga clothes, womens athletic apparel, mens athletic wear, fitness wear, sports wear and much more. Let us see some unique products, which Body Post has to offer.

BODYPOST Mens Mock Neck Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt

This mock, neck jersey is made of breathable micro fiber. HyBreez fabric wicks moisture away from your skin for a cooler, drier and comfortable game. A self-fabric collar keeps the look smooth and refined. It is made up of 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex. Added spandex delivers a nice stretch. It gives Superior comfort and mobility to your upper body. It is made up of Quick, Dry*Drifit Micro Fiber. It is available in two colors, Chambery blue and Aubergine. It is available on shelf and you can get this fantastic mens fitness wear in just $ 48.

BODYPOST Fitness Workout Womens Long-sleeve Shirt

This Fitness Workout Shirt is made of breathable polyester micro fiber. Dynamic fit and superior technical fabric provides optimal ventilation and moisture management. Raglan sleeve construction moves seams off the shoulders and allows for maximum range of motion. It is made up of 92% Polyester, 8% Lycra to optimize the comfort level. This shirt is Self, fabric neck binding having Moisture transport system. It is Lightweight and comfortable and on top of that, it is Anti Bacteria by HyBreez. It is available in five colors, namely Blue, grey, pink, red and ice. You can get this amazing womens fitness wear in just $17.

BODYPOST Dri-Fit Armour Flex Mens Workout Pants

These active pants are made of breathable polyester micro fiber. They feature a turned elastic waistband for comfort and fit, handy zipper hip pocket and 7″ zippers at lower legs with Flat lock seams. Moisture transport system designed to push sweat to the fabric’s surface, where evaporation pulls it out of the body. Body, mapping panels on both sides and back increase airflow, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Mens Workout Pants are made up of 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex to optimize the comfort level. Breathable body, mapping insets at back and sides add to the comfort. This mens fitness wear has moisture transport system and Quick,Dry*Drifit Micro Fiber. It is available in black and white. It is readily available with a price tag of $ 32.

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Performance Strategies For Realizing Your Long Term Fitness Goals

Beginning a whole new exercise routine is similar to starting a new romance. All things are exciting. You might get a NYC personal trainer, buy brand new exercise equipment and come up with a fitness and diet plan. Then, several weeks later on, working out with your NYC personal trainer is not anymore exciting and new. Your nutritious meals don’t seem as tasty and you find you need to force yourself to move on your newly purchased exercise equipment. Exercise and being fit is not anymore fun, it turns into work. The spark has worn out and the romance has stopped.

What should you do in a situation similar to this? You understand you should workout. You understand you have long term fitness goals you must achieve. It becomes such a task and you end up making lame excuses to your NYC personal trainers and to yourself.

What you may need is a little motivation. Here are seven suggestions to keep you going so you could reach your long term fitness goals.

Realize that attaining your fitness goals is work

It is perfectly normal to feel burnt-out and tired. Nevertheless, just like any work, and yes, looking after yourself is a job, you have to work through these feelings. Set your appointment with your personal trainer and maintain it. Set aside a particular portion of the day for your exercise routine and maintain it. You are more likely to exercise if you have a specific time frame arranged.

Make sure it is enjoyable

While exercising is work, it can still be enjoyable. If you feel your regimen has fast become boring or stale, ask your personal trainer to spice it up. Maybe you need a more intense exercise routine. Maybe all you need is a new playlist. Tell your personal trainer how you are feeling and let him or her to work with you.

Show your outcomes publicly

Showing your overall results openly makes you accountable to other people. If you have a Google plus account, Facebook account, or a Twitter, post your schedule and results. You certainly don’t want to post you did not show up for your workout.

Celebrate your positive results

Celebrate your achievements, but step away from the mentality that food is a reward. Treat yourself to seat tickets to a movie or sporting event. Buy a new book or a new mp3 player. Make certain you get yourself a little something you enjoy, but also ensure it is nothing bad for your goals.

Keep in mind there aren’t any shortcuts

You aren’t likely to wake up one fine morning and discover yourself instantly fit and trim overnight. Realize that every single healthy, happy body takes work and commit yourself to the work. Make sure your goals are sensible. Furthermore, be certain that you’re giving your system the realistic length of time it requires to make the changes you’re determined towards.

Look back

Are you in the practice of beginning and quitting exercise programs? Have you brought yourself into a habit of repeat behavior? Try to figure out what gone wrong. Some reasons comprise of:

Formulating a diet plan that’s strict or hard to adhere to Exercising to the stage of pain or exhaustion Being unclear about the proper way to use a equipment Overcrowding your timetable to the point absolutely nothing gets done

Utilize your personal trainer

Have your personal trainer meet you at your home, work or the gym. Speak with him or her and explain your struggles. NYC personal trainers are a vital motivational tool and resource. Your personal trainer can help you work your exercise program into your schedule. Additionally, your personal trainer could answer any questions you may have and can provide guidelines to help you reach your workout goals.

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Muscle and fitness nutrition info

Bodybuilding is all about success in fitness on all body parts. That is why all exercises are made important in bodybuilding and they serve variant purposes. For the best approach to all exercises it is important to know the way they suit well and how they serve to develop muscles on each muscle group.Bodybuilding protein supplements have had a long and successful history in terms of providing great benefits, not only to the bodybuilding fraternity that in a variety of different applications and sectors. Take for instance the bodybuilding protein supplements such as that of whey protein products are quite often used by medical professionals in treating malnourished and starving children, as well as being used in people suffering from muscular degenerative conditions.

But the body needs only 3 non-consecutive days of exercise per week. To be successful, must focus on the treatment Bodybuilding: with different tasks
correct technique
The breathing techniques
Diet mastering technology is the most important part of the usual initial S.

You can increase the intensity, duration or frequency of cardio exercises, while you can increase the load on weight training exercises. Muscle overload may be useful if you are trying to gain muscle. This can be beneficial if you are trying to maintain your fitness level. Cardio workouts improve your cardiovascular system, delivering more oxygen and water to your muscles, while resistance training increases lean tissue, without causing injury.

When this new agenda will be familiar, even if a free day for the victims and the exercise is based on a few short days. Many people complain that they have sufficient time to allow the formation of gravity and therefore can not be the ideal weight training program. One of the highest things get muscle weight training is that often the best gains are made in a short training courses. Looking for a weight training program, which allows us to address the entire day, by-the-day activities of the weight lifting exercises.

Add one ounce of almonds between breakfast and morning coffee, lunch and dinner and before bedtime. These three pieces of almonds add 500 calories to your diet bulking.

But try to do it initially benefit from this training program. Do not do it for half an hour every day.

As body chemistry that helps your muscle strength to help them grow faster. Although increased levels of creatine in the diet of meat and certain fish, may also be available on popular supplements that you can get a local vitamin store. Such a way that helps a larger amount of muscle mass in less time.

Do not forget to follow low-fat milk. 6 Cheese: This cheese, milk quality and always in the refrigerator too should share something. 7 Oats: Although much protein, carbohydrates, it is important that you should not be neglected.

To be competitive, alternative measures are usually required to obtain a mass. Thats why women’s Bodybuilding Anabolic steroids are a problem – more is heard more clearly in dispute. No woman should fear women’s Bodybuilding. start bodybuilding after 30

What do the body should focus on is to develop the habit of healthy eating, one that helps him get more than your body. Basics a healthy diet, the first thing anyone interested in the body needs to get his head to the diet does not mean starving yourself. Nor does it mean you have to have a couple of bottles of sports drink per day. There are some simple rules you should follow so that you know they are on the right track.

In their diet would be very difficult to add more vegetables. They are your body’s essential vitamins and nutrients needed to function effectively contains.

Many beginners may refer to those publications. Problem of publications, were in cahoots and that complement or even owned by the manufacturer.

Synthetic supplements are on the rise in the market, such as body-building to accelerate the results. Some of the possible consequences of potentially harmful to bodybuilders, as they try to get excellent results in a short period of time.

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