Top 2 outdoor workout places to check out in Lisbon!

Health and fitness are unquestionably few of the aspects that you always have to focus on. Can you really imagine your life without being healthy and fit? Probably not! And to keep ourselves healthy and fit, most of us actually try to go to gyms or outdoor workout places. But what if you are in a foreign place like Lisbon or you are simply looking for a good place to work out? Well, I am here with the top three places in Lisbon that can help your workout with ease. So let’s check them out and see why they can be good for you.

But do remember that you might have to get your hands on some extra equipment to keep track of your essentials like blood flow, stamina, and other things. You can take a look at Fit Cuffs and other services that might be able to help you with all the fitness equipment you need.

The best two workout places in Lisbon you should check out!

Finally, take a look at these and see how great these places can be for working out.

1. Olivais Norte Park for Workout

If you are trying to find a park that is open for all without any type of restrictions, the Olivais Norte park can be an excellent pick for you. One great thing about this park is that it is actually not a park. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right! Olivais Norte Park is simply a place where there is exercise equipment integrated for the public to use. There is no grass, just the trough to use, offering you a flat and plain experience. You can use the plain surface to lay down, sit, stand, and do whatever exercises you want.

If you do not have any type of exercising equipment, you can simply buy them from the stores available. But to make sure that you are not being ripped off, it is better to check reviews on or other reviewing platforms. The feedback from other customers will let you know how good their products are.

2. Jardim Amália Rodrigues Park

This is a park that has got quite a lot of greenery in it. So if you want to enjoy fresh air right from the grass and trees along with your best exercises, this park can serve you well. It is quite big too so you won’t actually have to worry about the space there. This park is located north of Lisbon’s city center, and you can easily reach it within a short period.

Due to the size of this park, some of the rails and exercising equipment get quite hot in the summers. So it is better to visit the park at specific timings if you want to get the best possible experience. Or you can simply get your own gym equipment to start working out under a tree.


It is definitely not a very good idea to risk your fitness even if you are on a short trip. So check out these locations and enjoy a perfect workout environment without any type of fees.

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