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MrExcel.com was launched by Bill Jelen in 1998.

When you need Microsoft Excel help- whether it's solving an Excel emergency or simplifying a task - MrExcel.com is there. MrExcel.com is an entire community of Excel gurus who are dedicated to helping you unleash the power of Excel.

Led by MrExcel himself, the community is always available to help you save time, create accurate, useful reports and make you the hero of your company meetings. And unlike a software support hotline or an independent "Excel genius", MrExcel.com can usually give you free, quick solutions through our Message Board. The MrExcel.com community is constantly checking for new questions and posting solutions. They're passionate about making Microsoft Excel work for you.

Are you stuck doing a tedious manual process day after day? This can be automated using VBA macros behind your Excel worksheets. For over twenty years, these Excel consultants work with customers via e-mail or telephone to build a solution. I encourage you to hire these consultants directly.