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MrExcel and Holy Macro! Books Affiliate Program

Back in 2002, I started a small press called Holy Macro! Books. We publish a few titles every year, some written by me, most written by amazing Microsoft MVPs. When my first book came out, back in 2002, the Kindle was still 9 years away from being released. All books were sold printed on paper. Today, eBooks dominate, particularly in the tech-savvy audience reading Excel books. I have to agree the eBooks are lighter, they are in color, and are easy to search.

When you buy an e-Book for your Kindle from the people who invented the Kindle, you will find that they have added Digital Rights Management (DRM) that make it hard for you to copy the book from one place to another. At Holy Macro! Books, we've banded together with other publishers in the Independent Publishers Group and offer all of our eBooks in a DRM-Free format. When you buy the book from me, you can copy it to your laptop, your Kindle, your iPad, whatever. My goal is to get you an excellent resource and let you read it without a hassle. I am not trying to lock you into a certain e-reader or build a profile of every product you've ever bought.

Also, the author benefits when you buy direct. Unfortunately, with sales through the big online booksellers, everyone from Jeff B to the distributor is taking a cut of the sales. Your favorite author ends up with about 15% of the sales price. When people buy through a link to e-Junkie, the author's share will triple or even quadruple. This is a great way to get more of your money into the pocket of the MVP who wrote the book.

If you have a website or a blog or a following on Twitter, I would love to have you help promote our DRM-Free titles. The Holy Macro! Books affiliate program through e-Junkie offers you a 20% commission for each e-book sold. Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal with no minimum earnings required.

How to Become an Affiliate

To join our Affiliate network at eJunkie, follow these steps:

  1. Register as an Affiliate at e-Junkie
  2. Visit our product page at e-Junkie
  3. Click on any product page, such as the Power Pivot and Power BI PDF e-Book page.
  4. Click the affiliate link at the bottom of the page, or join the Holy Macro! Books affiliate program.
  5. You will be taken to the Affiliate Admin page to confirm that you've joined the program."
  6. Steps on that page will provide links to our products.
  7. Copy any of the graphics or banners below to place on your website.

Affiliate Commissions & Payments

You get 20% commission on the sale price of the product. Payments are made shortly after the 15th of each month for sales during the previous month. If any products were refunded, they will not be included in the payment. There is no minimum earnings required for payment - you will be paid even if your total commission is $2. Note: PayPal will apply their usual fees to your payment.